Seller Finance

Sell Your Property up to 70% Faster and Safer.

What Seller Financing Can Do For You:

Alternative Financing helps you sell your asset 70% faster, get closer to market value, and closes faster than conventional mortgages! Seller Financing is filling the void that the conventional mortgage market has left behind. All States Investments, LLC have closed on properties within two weeks!

In 2005, only 1 in 400 real estate transactions were seller financed. The estimate for 2009 is 1 in 35. As conventional financing tightens even more this year, the projections are that as high as 1 in 10 homes may use seller financing. Many property owners have the idea that only unsalable or low-end houses use seller financing. That may have been true in 2000 – 2006 but, with more families not meeting banking credit standards, seller financed mortgages have become a normal buying option.

Seller Financing can helping take the fear of “not selling” your asset. Seller Financing is one more way to get closer to market value on your property, decrease the days on the market, and reduce the timeframe in which to close on your property, even in a difficult economy.

Benefits to You:

  • Greatly reduces the days on the market
  • Financing to a deserving buyer
  • Loan servicing company makes collection calls
  • They send out year-end 1098 form
  • Allows you to “move on” with your life
  • You collect “mailbox” money
  • Attorney written note is compliant with Governmental (TILA and RESPA) guidelines
  • Loan servicing company verifies yearly hazard insurance and property tax payments