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We Educate Investors That Want More Control Over Their Investments

What We Do For Investors:

We educate investors to position their liquid assets in high yield, low risk real estate backed investments. These funds typical reside in savings accounts, IRA’s, or in other flexible investments. All States Investment, LLC real estate backed investments focus on stability and higher-than-average returns on investment verses the fluctuations of the stock market and mutual funds, or the low yield of certificate of deposits (CD’s).

We work with investors to help educate them on finding the investment vehicle that makes them comfortable. Our real estate backed ventures are structured so the collect a monthly income. All States Investments offers the opportunity to learn how to engage in the strategy of securing performing, re-performing, sub-performing and non-performing first position notes. We teach people how to find second or third position notes, commercial notes, large pools of notes, or real estate owned (REO’s) property.

We are a principal in the purchasing of a variety of note investment opportunities. We buy notes and pools of assets that financial institutions want to eliminate from their financial statements. All States Investments, LLC seeks a mutually satisfying working relationship where we provide a professional, value added benefit to your investing education..

We look forward to working with you.