About Us

All States Investments, LLC was established to focus on the mortgage note industry. Since its inception we have bought and sold notes across the country. These notes include: performing and non-performing first and second lien position residential mortgages. In addition, we have committed to executing more note transactions for commercial and construction projects.


All States Investments, LLC is committed to becoming a “PROBLEM SOLVER” for the financial industry.  We work with various financial firms….Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Servicers, etc… to assist them in liquidating the the residential and commercial assets they have as Real Estate Owned (REO), slow paying customers, as well as non-accrual assets that need to be off the books. We work for them which in-turn they pay us for our services. We are NOT brokers.


All States Investments, LLC primarily focuses on the states of: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Yes, we do get notes nation-wide.  Some of the services that we offer are: mortgage note / industry training,  work out of individual residential and commercial notes, and one-on-one training direct from our team of experts.


As our list of financial clients expands, we will be seeking additional proven and verifiable companies and investors to connect with our clients to make the mortgage note transaction seamless. Mortgage note transactions are always 100% cash. Each transactions will go through a closing agent or law firm. Each potential company or investor will be vetted to verify that they have the resources to complete each transaction. They will need to sign the appropriate documents to protect each party in the transaction. 


The note industry is a relationship business. If a transaction goes south due to a company or investor not keeping their end of the bargain, then All States Investments, LLC will terminate any further dealing with that potential buyer.  We are firm in this belief. We do not want to let down our clients!