Who is All States Investments

This is the first-time marketing/promoting, All States Investments, LLC on the world-wide web. Currently, we have over 130+ firms and hundreds of investors, nationwide that have been vetted to purchase the products that financial institutions have trusted to us to sell on their behalf. Most of these contacts have made been through word-of-mouth, business contacts, conferences, or webinars, etc. We work for banks, credit unions, loan servicers, attorneys, etc. We are paid by these firms to professionally and confidentially promote and sell the assets that are not essential to their business plan. We are not BROKERS.


Mainly, we get salable assets in Wisconsin and Illinois. Of course, we do get several other opportunities to offer products located in the rest of the county. These first position performing, and non-performing mortgage products include but, are not limited to, residential, commercial, construction, industrial, 1-4 family, Heloc, and junior liens.


We wanted to expose other firms and investors to our website, www.AllStatesInvestments.com. We will market, promote, train, educate, and consider them as potential buyers of mortgage notes where they can add this investment vehicle to their portfolio. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have.


Thanks so much for you time!



Tom Fohr



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